How to work with TC?

It is very easy to work with TC. Just do the following three steps:Visit the Academy whenever you have problems or talk to support and get help.


Buy, Sell and exchange all major supported cryptos at TCPay, securely and at real-time rates having the least fees.


Buy or sell your desired e-money and get the equivalent in your TC wallets.Convert all provided e-money to any other Fiat, e-money or Cryptocurrencies with the least amount of fees.

Why TC?

The Best Services For You

TC Pay global trading is a PSP or a Payment Solution Provider company which has been striving to deliver the highest standards of services and security to the customers of payment market for the past ten years. our team of experienced professionals aimed to help others avoid the many complex and unnecessary problems in payment processing, making taking payments as seamless and securely as possible.

best services  Buy, sell and exchange electronic money
best services  Send and receive money orders
best services  Transfer funs to individuals' or different companies' wallets