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With DFX Signal Group, you can easily open a real trading account in our approved broker and take advantage of all its features.

This video guide will help you to easily open a real account in your name through Alpari website. You need to follow the instructions in this guide step by step and carefully to easily open your real Alpari account in a matter of minutes.

If You Have Problems With Any Of The Registration Steps, Contact Support.

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S T E P 1

First, enter the Alpari site by clicking on the “OPEN ACCOUNT” button.

S T E P 2

After entering the Alpari site, as shown in the image, click on the “REGISTER” button.

S T E P 3

As shown in the picture, after entering the registration page, complete the required information.

After completing the information, click the “CONTINUE” button.


1. Enter your information correctly.

2- The information related to the name and surname must be in accordance with the ID card or passport.

S T E P 4

Enter your country and city in the corresponding field.

Then click the “CONTINUE” button.

S T E P 5

In this step, you must receive the confirmation code and enter it.

So follow the picture.

Number 1: First select one of the email or SMS options.

If you select email, a verification code will be sent to your email and if you select SMS, a verification code will be sent to your mobile number.

Number 2: Enter the captcha code.

Number 3: Click on the “GET CODE” button to receive a verification code.

Number 4: Enable this option if you would like to receive Alpari newsletters.

Number 5: Finally, click on the “COMPLETE REGISTRATION” button.

S T E P 6

Your registration is now done, you can access your desktop functions.


A personal cabin number and password will be sent to your email. After entering the personal cabin for the first time, change your password as explained below. Note that the password must be at least 8 characters long and contain uppercase, lowercase and number letters.

After entering your new password, click the “Accept” button.

S T E P 7

Your registration is done and you can use your desk.

S T E P 8

In this step, you must upload your identity documents to activate your account after checking with Alpari experts.

Go to the “My Account” menu and click on “Upload Documents“.

S T E P 9

 In the “Client Profile” section, Check information about gender, date of birth, email and phone number, and correct it if it is incomplete or incorrect.

S T E P 10

In the “Upload your documents” section, click on the “ٌ  Which document would you like to upload?” field to open its menu.

S T E P 11

Click on “Passport/ID” as shown in the image.

S T E P 12

After selecting the “Passport/ID” option, click the “Choose File to Upload” button and upload the photo file of your passport or ID card from your computer.

As shown in the image, after selecting the file, the file name is written. By clicking on “Delete” you can delete the file and select another file.

Click the “Upload” button as shown.

Your photo has now been uploaded.

S T E P 13

In this step, you need to upload the “Client Registration Form“.

Follow the steps below.

1- As shown in the picture, enter the “My Agreements with Alpari” section and download the form.

2. Print the form and fill it out carefully.

3- Finally, sign and scan the form.

4. Save the scanned form in “PDF” format on your computer.

S T E P 14

Go back to the “Upload your documents” section and continue as follows.

1. As you can see in Figure 1, upload the document that you scanned in “PDF” format.

2- As you can see in Figure 2, take the photo of the bank card that you use for depositing and withdrawing and upload it in this section.

Your submitted documents will be reviewed by Alpari and the result of the review will be sent to your email.

As you can see in Figure 3, You can also see the results of the document review in the “History of Change” section.

1-Client Registration
2-Bank Statement
3-History of Change

Your documents will be reviewed within a day and you will be notified of the result.

Now it’s time to Open a Real Account.

Follow the steps below to Open your trading account in less than a minute.

S T E P 1

As shown, first enter the home page and then click “Open Account“.

S T E P 2

Follow the steps below as shown:

1- Shows the types of accounts you can open.

Select the “Standard.mt4” account.

2- Gives a brief description of the account you have selected.

3- Indicates the type of currency you want to invest in.

Given that Alpari currently has one of the two currencies “Euro” and “Dollar“, choose one of the two.

Finally, click on “Open Account“.

S T E P 3


Your trading account has been opened.

According to the image, your user information including username, password, server address, etc. is displayed.

You can now use your account by logging in to the MetaTrader 4 platform.

As shown in the picture, if you do not have MetaTrader 4, download it.

Due to the numerous methods for Depositing and Withdrawing from the account,

Contact the experts of DFX Signal Group or Alpari to show you the best way.